How do I rent a unit?

Contact us by phone, email or text message about your requirements and we will advise you and invite you to come and view the units – no obligation and no hard selling.

What size units do you have?

We have internal self-storage units from 30Sq.ft to 170Sq.ft, we also have a number of external 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We are always happy for you to come and view the units to better gauge what size will best meet your requirements

What security do you have in place?

YoreStore has over 20 CCTV cameras covering the farm and Self-Storage building, both inside and out. We also use a digital access system that records all entrances and exits of each individual customer.

The Self-Storage building is also fitted with monitored fire and intruder alarms.

The entrance gate to the site is closed outside of office hours and can only be opened with a valid access fob.

Do you provide padlocks?

We sell both key and combination padlocks as well as other items to help with storage such as mattress and sofa protectors.

There is no obligation to buy a lock from us, you can use your own if you wish.

Do you use shipping containers?

We have a number of shipping containers but most of our storage is internal self-storage. Shipping containers are good for work equipment, tools and building machinery, we do not recommend them for household items and furniture.

When can I access my storage unit?

We provide a digital access keyfob that will allow you self-service access from 6am -10pm 7days a week. If needed we can provide 24/7 access. All entrances and exits are recorded by our access control software so we know who has accessed the unit and when.

What is the minimum rental period?

One calendar month is the minimum rental period,  if a shorter term is all that is needed please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do I have to sign a storage rental agreement?

Yes. We have some T&Cs and we will need to take a copy of some identification.

Do I need to give you notice to leave?

We ask you to give us 2 weeks notice of leaving. We often have people waiting for units so it good to know in advance if you’re leaving.

Can I move to a different storage unit if I need more or less space?

Yes. You can upsize or downsize whenever you like providing we have units available. This happens a lot especially if people are buying and selling stock etc.

Do I need insurance?

You should always insure your items; YoreStore will not sell you insurance and you are free to get insurance from whomever you like. If you need help with this please ask.

Can I book a unit online?

Yes you can book our units online but people often need help with sizes and for this reason we suggest you come and view the units prior to booking online.

How do I pay?

Our Self-Storage software incorporates a PCI compliant payment gateway that lets us take credit or debit cards for recurring payments. Alternatively, you can set up a standing order. Our software also allows you access to all your invoices and account info.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

The only deposit we take is £20 to cover the cost of the digital keyfob. This is refunded to you upon return of the fob.